Hello everyone, my name is Katja.

For years I have been able to accompany sophisticated couples on the day they celebrate their love. I photographed couples in Germany, France, Thailand and on Bali.

I love elegance, naturalness and femininity and look forward to any further shooting.

By the way, at weddings I always have a second photographer with me.

Together with Flo, my friend and Balou, my cat, i live close to Düsseldorf. I love nature, flowers and small cafes with fancy cakes. But nothing make us happier than to travel with the backpack, the world. If it were possible, I would like to be in a different country every month.

My philosophy of life

I love life with all its creativity, love and passion.
All the magic of small and large moments I want to keep in memories. Let us be grateful to enjoy every moment and to live far from any conventions our lives, the way we want it.